Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt - Chris Hedges, Joe Sacco This is an interesting book about Pine Ridge, Indian Country; Camden, NJ; a mining town; farm laboring wage slaves; and Occupy Wall Street. The best parts are the personal stories, Studs Terkel-style, which are illustrated into comic book panels. They show the incredible dignity and humor that people can have despite being mired in poverty, sexual abuse, and addiction in the USA. It's all interesting information that you need to know, but it was so bleak and depressing that I had to skim some parts. At the end when we get to the Occupy movement in Zucotti park, it gets a bit more cheerful. And I had to smile at the earnest descriptions of how decisions are reached in the general assembly (the stack, hand signals, etc), as if all those things were brand new instead of well over a decade old. I also rolled my eyes at a few other things. (The authors say agents provacateurs started the Black Bloc. Please! And also that the best tactic, still, is to have peaceful demonstrations that goad the police into rioting because the world will be dismayed and horrified to learn about it.) Overall, though, I liked this book.