Reached - Ally Condie Will the Rising free everyone, or will it turn out to be tainted and flawed? Will Cassia end up with Ky, the boy she's been madly in love with for two books, or Xander, the boy next door she grew up with? Will the Rising's scheme to use a plague work just as they planned, or could something possibly go wrong? Is Xander a tool of Society or a tool of the Rising? What about this new girl Lei who Xander is working with? Will everyone end up under the jackbooted heel of dystopia or will they live in a democracy, casting votes? And who changed Cassia's Match in the first place anyway?

I loved the first book in the trilogy, felt eh about the second, and in-between about this final one. Highly recommended for people who want to find out what happens to these beloved characters, who are interested in epidemiology and statistical analysis explained simply, and who enjoy lyrical prose. Matched, the first novel, seemed to me like something that could really happen. Reached seemed more allegorical to me, like a parable of what it would mean to live in a world where poetry, art, writing, and creativity itself have been stamped out and are now unknown. Unfortunately, I'm a complete philistine and these questions leave me cold. But it was satisfying to read the conclusion of this trilogy.