What's Up With Jody Barton? - Hayley Long Charming and delightful! This novel takes you from frivolity to heart-wrenching melancholy and then to regular happiness. Jody and Jody's twin sister Jolene fall for the same guy at the same time. Hijinks ensue, and then gritty realism ensues. If you want to read a book where caring adults intervene to stop bullying, keep searching.

I liked the illustrations, the math jokes, and the fun British phrases like "jog right off." The one thing I did not like about this book was the design of the text where some words were larger than others. I think it's messy and distracting and is a lazy way to make some phrases more important or sound like shouting. Because the writing is good, all of that comes through anyway and so the big letters are unnecessary.

PS. My edition has a pink background to the cover and is way cuter than the one pictured here. The back cover says the cover illustration is by Steph Says Hello. I think it's awesome!