Falling Free - Lois McMaster Bujold When does an engineering problem turn into a moral problem? When the company you work for has created and enslaved a new species of people who have four arms and no legs, the better for living in a space station with null-gee.

What I liked about this book: that it was by Lois McMaster Bujold and that the hero was an engineer who's swallowed the safety manual. The plot twists made the whole concept of "within spec" seem hair-raisingly thrilling, which is an amazing feat. What I didn't like about this book so much: the romance between the hero, in his late thirties, and a female character, approximately 20, whose only previous romantic experience is having been taken advantage of by other men. (Bleh.) I think this book is perfect for you if you've already read a bunch of the Vorkosigan novels but I wouldn't start with this one even though it comes first chronologically. This novel made me want to re-read Diplomatic Immunity, which also concerns the four-armed Quaddies.