Everything Leads to you

Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour

What I liked:

-LA setting, especially because I was on my way to LA when I read it.

-General air of glamor and decadence. The MC leads a delightful life where everything goes her way, except for a few interpersonal problems here and there.

-Sweet, light lesbian love story.

-Different from a lot of other YA books because school and parents are a total non-issue for the MC. The character seemed old for 17 (or 18, I forget), which I bought while reading the story, but it almost seemed as if the novel should have been about a 22 year old. I bet there's an interesting story behind how this came to be a YA book.


What I didn't like:

-The cover! Since the book is about a brilliant young designer who helps create the sets for movies, the cover should have reflected that with a gorgeous, atmospheric design. Instead it was boring and generic and tells you nothing. Even the font disappointed me. I also think it's a mild case of white washing. I don't remember the main character's appearance being described, but it is mentioned that she is biracial (three of her grandparents were white, one was African-American) and light-skinned. That doesn't make me think: ivory skin and straight blonde hair. The copy I read was an ARC that I got for free at the Rainbow Book Fair (Penguin Random is so fancy they didn't sell books, they just gave them away)--so I was positive the real cover would be better. But it's the same.


That is all.